Afterlife Poem

Afterlife A poem

I am sittin’ ‘n’ sunnin’
Startin’ to dream
Of a naggin’ free time
Goin’ to the railway
Sippin’ on a blonde,
Talkin’ squit about football.
Remembrin’ Greavsie’s
Goal against Leicester
Geoffs hatrick, Banky’s save
Osbornes Wembley winner,
Saint-Étienne, Cologne, Amsterdam,
Those were the days.
On another blonde now as
Budgies chirp on about
Sunderland and Munich.
I’m Tryin’ a Merlot
And pickin’ my horses
As the other guys chattin’
About golf and fishin’.
The dregs get me a wonderin’
Have we all got some kind of virus
Or are women from another planet?
St Petra’s rattlin’ keys
wake me from my dreamin’
She says let’s be havin you
and your sport virus
down to thatchers furnaces.