Idle Time

Idle Time Poem

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IDLE TIME I ain’t clickin’ I ain’t emailin’ I ain’t workin’. But I am sittin’ I am drinkin’. And I am a wonderin’ What were Dylan’s Crickets talkin’ about In rhyme. This is a poem about downtime and isolation in rural Norfolk during coronavirus (COVID-19) David Street

Afterlife Poem

Afterlife A Poem

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Afterlife A poem AfterlifeI am sittin’ ‘n’ sunnin’Startin’ to dreamOf a naggin’ free timeGoin’ to the railwaySippin’ on a blonde,Talkin’ squit about football.Remembrin’ Greavsie’sGoal against LeicesterGeoffs hatrick, Banky’s saveOsbornes Wembley winner,Saint-Étienne, Cologne, Amsterdam,Those were the days.On another blonde now asBudgies chirp on aboutSunderland and Munich.I’m Tryin’ a MerlotAnd pickin’ my horsesAs the other guys chattin’About [….]

Saturday Sunrise

A Poem called Disquiet

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Disquiet There is nothing sweet today as the sun rises over silent homes, cars covered in icy coats. No vapour trails blister the sky nonchalant pigeons cloacal kiss a blackbird chuk, chuk’s as Macavity creeps by. Lone jogger coughs her breath poisons the air the shutter shuts on my final shot. David Street This is [….]

4 Staring Stags

Decoy Shoot Poem

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Decoy Shoot Ludham I take a leak on the edgeOf a field of unripe cornFour stags rise upAnd gaze at me.I fumble for my cameraAperture wide, ISO highFrame the shot steady,Ready to fire.I can feel them moveLike a convoy of shipsAcross the horizonIn the blue hour.My shutter echoes,A salvo of gunfireBurns my earsTremors shudder upthrough [….]